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SideRide Vehicles

When it comes to our vehicles, we aim to be different. Why do what everyone else is doing, when you can have fun and create something new for our customers.

We will always have Mid Size to full SUV vehicles. No sedans here, and no boring cars. Every 1- 2 years we will replace our vehicles to something new and exciting. All of our vehicles are equipped with the latest technologies, cords, and everything you would expect.

All vehicles have blacked out tinted windows including front tinted windows. 

What sets SideRide apart is the access to technologies most companies don't know about. Rest assured each vehicle will be unique, and we guarantee it is the right vehicle for every type of customer. 

Reserve your ride today and experience the difference. 



2023 Black KIA Telluride X-Line

Talk about different. We offer our customers to ride in luxury and style. This vehicle has it all, from the 3 foot long display, to the usb-c fast charging in every seat. Able to accommodate groups of 5 with luggage, and 6 without. Come see what your missing. 

2020 FORD EDGE W 13 inch Screen

Is this a Telsa? That's is the question I get most when customers get into this vehicle. The firs thing they notice is the 13 inch floating IPAD that lights up the ride. Along with the most comfortable leather seats ever made. Come Experience the difference. 

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